Dream 11/1: The Broken Carton of Eggs.

In my dream my shopping cart was abounding with groceries, produce and other products used to facilitate and satisfy our daily lives and needs. From eye level, the lattice steel work of the basket was not visible due to the amount of groceries crowding the cart. From all the items I had lifted from the shelves, the most conspicuous item in my cart was the carton of eggs--logically protectively sheltered and nestled comfortably in the top most compartment of the carriage; the part of the cart where if you had a child, he or she would most likely sit.

I was not alone in the checkout line. There was one other man, roughly my age with a plastic hand basket, for 12 items or less. Upon settling into this line it occured to me that there was one item on my list that I had forgotten. I left my cart and ran to the aisle, returning as quickly as I had left.

Upon my return, the man's face had transfigured itself from blank to an impish smirk. I also noticed that the egg carton had been removed from my cart and was in the hands of the man--broken, cracked with the damaged yolks drooping from the man's unapologetic finger tips.


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  2. Firstly, 12 items or less? Twelve? Not ten or twenty, or even fifteen? Is it just me that this worries?

    Secondly, you should always take your basket with you! I hope you learned something. :)