A Letter to Fans:

Hi Everyone-

I want to apologize for not addressing you in full detail regarding my absence on the Ernie Halter tour. The reason for the cancelling of the dates is a difficult situation to address and I needed to figure out the best way to do so. Thus, for the time being I only deleted the dates and didn't post an explanation. I'm truly sorry the dates were pulled so abruptly; the last thing I want to do is to disappoint any of you.
Many of the markets that I was not apart of for this tour (ie Jammin Java, Vienna VA; Night Cat, Easton, MD) I will be making up in November w/ Benjy Davis Project (Curtis Peoples will also be on the Jammin Java show too!) and I am thrilled to be apart of this tour. I hope to see you in November/December and again I apologize for any disappointment, frustration and/or inconvenience I may have caused you and your friends.

Yours truly,


Wine Wednesday: 2008 Sequiot Tempranillo/Cabernet Sauvignon

Tempranillo/Cabernet Sauvignon

Big and spicy, earthy and peppery. The very ripe tempranillo grapes allow this wine to explode with its peppery and smokey nose--full of lush blackberries, cherries and dark plum notes. Having been matured in oak barrels provides this wine with a rusty red-brick hue, firm tannins and a complex toasty finish.


Nine Things To Do in Autumn

  1. Carve a pumpkin with a loved one.
  2. Take a long walk through the woods and take note of your Five Senses while doing so.
  3. Go to your local cafe and get a chider (1/2 apple cider 1/2 chai tea) and walk through downtown--holding hands with your significant other adds bonus points.
  4. Bake a loaf of either pumpkin bread, cinnamon bread or carrot bread. Eating it in one sitting also gives you bonus points.
  5. Enjoy a lingering morning with a pot of coffee, your favorite breakfast food (maybe even a piece of that fly-ass spice bread you just baked up *hint, hint*), a book and a blanket (or a snuggie if that's what you prefer).
  6. Wear boots, jeans, a bad ass jacket (or a blazer) and a scarf.
  7. Do something creative using Autumn as your inspiration. Ex: Write a poem about Autumn. Paint a picture of an Autumnal scene. Write an Autumn song. On your long walk through the woods take a plethora of Autumn photographs (black and white in my book will give you more bonus points).
8. Go on a long drive on a windy road with the windows down but the heat on listening to your favorite music (Ray LaMontagne is terrific Autumn music) and look at the foliage.
9. Sit by the stone hearth fireplace with a glass of your favorite wine (Do this only with your significant other.-- Warning!: doing this alone could cause extreme heartwrenching longing and thus is not recommended for your mental health/ the longevity of the bottle).

Wine Wednesday: 2008 Folie a Deux Ménage à Trois

Folie a Deux
Ménage à Trois

It would be a wine named "Ménage à Trois" that brings your taste buds to a mouth quaking orgasm. Picture this, three beautiful grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel and Merlot fermented separately and then blended just prior to being bottled. With a bouquette of lush strawberries, raspberries and a hint of spice--on the mouth the berries burst open with jam-like properties. The Zinfandel adds a bit of pepper and the Cabernet Sauvignon contribute to the bone dry tannins. Very fresh, very ripe, very naughty.


Wine Wednesday: 2007 Agua de Piedra Reserva Malbec

Agua de Piedra Reserva

Light as a feather, and softer than a patch of velvet on the palate, the strawberry and dark cherry nose is very inviting before the dark Venitian red liquid even satiates your mouth. Upon entrance, dark berries, plums and dark spices make up the discernable characteristics of this wine.



Time will inevitably explain the paths we choose and the reasons behind the paths we choose. The many different paths we're enabled to walk upon are placed in front of us and it is up to the beholder to choose.

The reasons for each interaction with the paths we cross and the people we meet will in time stem and present themselves as nakedly and honestly as they can.
However, despite my constant attempt to align these interactions and make sense and purpose of them, sometimes it is best to just live through the motions, walk upon the paths without concerning oneself with the sinuous branches one chooses.

Regardless of your decision to trace or not to trace your decisions, your branches, the interactions that come your way; branches will stem. Branches will flower. Branches will crack. Branches will fall. New branches will grow and even branches that have been defaced will sometimes heal. And so the circle of life continues and conclusively remains unbroken.