11/8--A Day In The Life: Tour Blog 2

The white van and over sized hitch from Louisiana rolls on, out of Charlottesville, VA and onto Easton, MD. I'm sitting here in the last row of the van typing this here blog listening to some good ol' Ray Charles. I just finished a 12 oz redbull and a package of carrots and celery I found at a Sheetz we stopped at. It can be a pinch to keep up with healthy eating habits...especially when you want to experience each town's culinary specialties. For example: we had an early show last night.

I hit the stage at around 5PM and Benjy Davis Project hit stage at around 5:45. We were all loaded out by 8PM and had the rest of the night to gallivant around town trying to blend in with the University of Virginia students. As the night wrapped up, Mic of BDP and I rolled into the local eatery at

around 2AM called "The White Spot" famed for it's Gus burger, a ridiculous artery clogging 1/4 pound patty of beefy goodness topped with a fried egg and cheese and a side order of fries. Sometimes you've just got to eat to feed your soul. Soul food doesn't have to be delicious black eyed peas, collard greens and fried chicken--it's whatever your soul needs.

I got to see my sister yesterday; it's always wonderful when you travel and get to see family while on the road. We enjoyed lunch together and even saw a celebrity in the sandwich shop--Cherry Jones who currently plays President Taylor on the show 24.

Talk to you all soon!

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