A Letter to Fans:

Hi Everyone-

I want to apologize for not addressing you in full detail regarding my absence on the Ernie Halter tour. The reason for the cancelling of the dates is a difficult situation to address and I needed to figure out the best way to do so. Thus, for the time being I only deleted the dates and didn't post an explanation. I'm truly sorry the dates were pulled so abruptly; the last thing I want to do is to disappoint any of you.
Many of the markets that I was not apart of for this tour (ie Jammin Java, Vienna VA; Night Cat, Easton, MD) I will be making up in November w/ Benjy Davis Project (Curtis Peoples will also be on the Jammin Java show too!) and I am thrilled to be apart of this tour. I hope to see you in November/December and again I apologize for any disappointment, frustration and/or inconvenience I may have caused you and your friends.

Yours truly,

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