11/13 -- A Day In The Life: Tour Blog 3

Friday the 13th, shrouded in it's sinister hood, traipsed into town at midnight bringing the band and myself a little bit of road drama. After the Fairfield, CT show, while we were loading out of the club, the trailer ramp was fully extended on the pavement and some woman drove over it, snapping the cords leaving us with a tensionless door. We had to wait until 2:30 AM for the police to arrive to file the report for insurance purposes. We then had to drive an hour to Hartford, CT to drop Mic off at the airport and then drive an hour and forty-five minutes back to New York--where our hotel was. Along the way we hit some morning rush hour traffic and didn't arrive to our room until 8:00AM! We had a very short sleep until we had to checkout at 1PM. It's not so concerning to me the lack of sleep in itself, I am more concerned with contracting the flu or someother illness that I simply cannot afford to fall victim to. A singer without a voice is like a painter without limbs. With that said, all is well, we are still in good spirits and health. Driving to Cleveland, OH for tomorrow's show at Wilbert's.

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