11/17 --A Day In The Life: Tour Blog 4

Seven miles from Wilbert's in Cleveland, OH and all of a sudden the generator, which provides us the power to keep our computer's charged and wifi browsing, started making a cacophonous sound--squealing and metallic. The following moments provided us with a gimp car, banked on the side of the "on" ramp to the highway. It took over 90 minutes for AAA to the rescue and for us to figure out our next move. How are we supposed to get all of the gear, stored in an oversized, 13 foot trailer, to a gig when our vehical is devoid of life? We didn't. But the show must go on. Benjy and I took a cab (the cab driver's voice had the timbre of Sean Hunter's dad from Boy Meets World--a smoky, whisky dotted, sonerous voice) to the venue and put on an acoustic show.

After the show in Chicago on Sunday night, Mic hauled us 2.5 hours to the bordering state Wisconsin. We pulled in to the hotel in Madison at 6 AM and fell comotose in our beds (for me it was my sleeping bag and floor mat) until a little after 1. It was a joy to have a full day off--no show, no drive. After all this hustle and bustle, car break downs and late late nights, we all devoured this freedom from the road. We spent the night watching Monday Night Football, eating hot wings (10-pc, hot, naked flappers please.) and having some brewskies--basically acting all manly and shit.

Just a few more shows on this leg of the tour and I'm looking forward to some family time and of course Thanksgiving. Walking into stores and seeing the white christmas lights, the Thanksgiving coffee blend being brewed at Starbucks,
and the sporadic christmas carols in these stores, puts me in a wonderful mood and pretty much wraps me with a warm, home feeling. Benjy hung a stocking in the van for each member, me included. I think I'm going to quit the Andrew Hoover Band and join the Benjy Davis Project.


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