11/18-- A Day In The Life: Tour Blog 5

There hasn't been a night where my head hits the pillow and my travelling body and mind drift off into its obligatory state of slumber before the hour of 3 AM. Usually it's closer to 4. Last night was no different. After the show at the Frequency in Madison, WI we made friends with the night clerk at the Marriott we were staying at. At 3AM I asked "what time do you start to set up breakfast" -- "what time do you want me to start setting up". My man rolled out the waffle iron and I poured the batter to make myself a delicious warm, slightly crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside waffle. Breakfast food is good at anytime of the day. For some reason, it tastes even better at 3AM.

I've been mixing up some vitamin cocktails to try to keep myself healthy. Vitamin cocktail you ask? Why yes, it's a healthy dose of Airborne, Zicam, and multivitamins taken throughout the day. Sometimes I feel like it's my imaginary force field. I can picture it's supplemental blockade like a draw bridge in its upright position warding off bacteria to keep my immune system strong.

The microbeer of the night last night was Madison, Wisconsin's own "Madtown Nutbrown ale". A full bodied, smooth on the tounge with a carmel studded aroma and a creamy finish made this local brew a delight to drink.

We're driving in the bleakness off fallow straw fields, sunken grey clouds and sporadic, seemingly lonely, farms. From Wisconsin to Missouri this van rolls on and on.

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