Time will inevitably explain the paths we choose and the reasons behind the paths we choose. The many different paths we're enabled to walk upon are placed in front of us and it is up to the beholder to choose.

The reasons for each interaction with the paths we cross and the people we meet will in time stem and present themselves as nakedly and honestly as they can.
However, despite my constant attempt to align these interactions and make sense and purpose of them, sometimes it is best to just live through the motions, walk upon the paths without concerning oneself with the sinuous branches one chooses.

Regardless of your decision to trace or not to trace your decisions, your branches, the interactions that come your way; branches will stem. Branches will flower. Branches will crack. Branches will fall. New branches will grow and even branches that have been defaced will sometimes heal. And so the circle of life continues and conclusively remains unbroken.


  1. agreed. never take yourself or the people you know for granted. you and i met what, once?, like four years ago...yet we share a dream which unites us. good luck man, keep in touch