The Adversaries: Heart and Mind

There are many individuals who listen to their mind over their heart and vice versa. It means that some people choose to listen to a voice rather than live their lives from an insistent feeling. I choose to live by feeling the various impressions my heart leaves with me. One of the significant impressions is what I refer to as "the pit". It is the loudest feeling I feel. It feels as though your heart has depressed itself into the lowest trench present in your body. It comes in time of confusion, sorrow, loss, heartbreak. If you listen with your sense of touch, the heart gives you all you need to know on how to follow the path most satisfying; the path that is full of bliss and joy, love and life.  

So why do I personally choose heart over mind? There is a term called "the ego" associated with the inner being of the mind and is not associated with the heart as the heart is its own entity. The ego is often what drives us to do acts which are proven to make us gain a better sense of self-worth and self confidence. In this sense, it's a false sense of reality, it's not truly us--it's our ego. It is said that the ego favors the id (or the unorganised part of the self which is responsible for our natural and basic drives--hunger, thirst, sex). Because of the ego's predilection towards the Id, the ego is often responsible for passing over reality's finer facets, while in truth, it's pretending to have respect for reality in order to prevent conflicts from arising. It becomes a war in our minds. For the "super-ego" has the upper hand and is constantly watching the ego's actions; it punishes the ego with feelings such as guilt and anxiety. Because of this battle and the consequential feelings, we end up doing things for the wrong reasons. 

To me, it seems more favorable to follow the heart. For our entire lives, the heart never stops beating. Day in and day out, it knows what to do. It is the center of our body and is our greatest life line. The mind, although very important, often plays trick on us, deceives us, has us do things for the wrong reason--seemingly less trustworthy than the heart. The heart constantly has our soul in mind, where as the mind holds hands with the ego. Whatever leads to happiness is the path one should follow, it is to my personal taste to walk in the instinctual footsteps of the heart.

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