Can't Get No Satisfaction

I can only speak for myself as an artist and the fact that I can't ever seem to get satisfaction. I sit down with my moleskin notebook, pilot varsity fountain pen, guitar and the hope that I'll connect with a muse to craft a new song. There are times when I connect easily and I'm moved enough to pen a verse, a pre-chorus, a chorus and the more difficult part, the bridge. When this happens,  there is a sense of gratification and elation that surrounds me--but it doesn't last. As soon as the last word is written and the song is learned, I can't hold on to this sensation of fulfillment. The elation deflates and I am left empty handed already moving forward for the next song to fill me back up. There is never a song that leaves me satiated and placid. There is not a moment where I can close my lyric book and walk away with a "my work is done" attitude. But that's fine. If all threads were tied together we'd never get out of bed. It's this treasureless journey that keeps us going--we will search until we find the day that we become introduced to bliss. Search on.

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