On The Road Pet Peeves

Here is a list I have compiled of things that bother me while driving:

-When a truck or Uhaul sluggishly saunters in the fast lane.
-On a two lane highway, when two trucks monopolize both lanes so that one cannot pass them.
-Cars/trucks that have hideous smelling exhaust.
-Cars that leave their blinkers on even 2 miles after they orginally switched lanes
-A white mercedes benz
-Drivers who think they are too cool to use a blinker
-Motorcyclists who don't understand the concept of a lane


  1. what specifically are the motorcycles doing that you object to?

  2. Wow, add tailgaters, cars driving too slow in the left lane, and cars that weave in and out of lanes at insane speeds to that list and you have my list of driving pet peeves too.