Five Senses

Today, these are some the things my five senses sensed throughout the day:

- a plume of Triloka Sacral Shakra incense-- good for inspiring, soothing and creating a sensual environment.
-The early autumnal night's air inhaling the smoke from a wood fire somewhere in the distance
-The therapeutic aroma of having coffee brewing in the mid afternoon
-Bed head hair manipulator and it's alluring signature coconut fragrance. 

- my mom tinkling the ivories of the baby Grand piano upstairs.
- shards of random conversations from the other diners at the sushi restaurant, piecing themselves together into a random loquacious mosaic.
-The loud and dubious sound of a guitar string breaking
-rain drops tapping on the window pane

- the lushness of raw fish upon the tounge and teeth.
- Clean linnen on my bed.
- The dynamic between wearing a wool sweater and the crisp, premature autumnal night air.
- Desire and longing

- the peach and vanilla flavors from the dinner's Chardonnay
- ginger and carrot dressing paired with the slightly salted Edamame.
- The first sip of coffee upon waking in the morning

-The pitch darkness blinding the eyes at 7:30 PM.
- A mother and her daughter having a "girl's night out"
- The LCD light flashing red on my phone
- Street lights welcoming you on their lonely avenue.

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