The Things You (We) Do.

What motivates each one of us to do all the things we do? Why do we wake in the morning? Why are we living the lives we live? Why do we dress in the clothes we chose to cover our skin with? Why do we do a daily exercise regiment, diet regiment, yoga regiment--is it because this is what society urges us to do? Is it because we feel our Self urging us to do it soley for ourselves? Or, is it because we like the way it secretly makes our Self feel based on how we are fantastically imagining ourselves through the eyes of how view us and our actions.

Why when people get new phone we insist on announcing to the world through social networking sites that "our new iPhone needs numbers", instead of merely saying, "my phone broke, got another one, may I have your number?" It's our ego's thirst for worth. It's this ancillary information, such as the labeling of our "new iPhone" that makes it seem that many of us are not living for ourselves but rather through the eyes of another. Doing flamboyant things to attract attention merely because the life we live isn't enough for ourselves. Those of us who hunger for attention through ostentatious demonstrations sacrifice their true being in hopes of gaining a feigned sense of self value. To gain self value, self worth, self respect is to live in the shoes of yourself, to see through your eyes rather than imagining your reflection in the eyes of another. When we live life for the sole purpose of the Self, that is when we start living.

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